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Group of companies NUCLENOVA has certified specialists, with high qualification, with the great work experience, which are able to conduct quality audits and business processes operating at the company in design, engineering, manufacturing and construction unit, in accordance with Russian norms and regulations and international:

- Internal and external audit of the quality system at the company;

- Inspection and supervision of quality of produced products of any type and complexity;

- Development and implementation of quality management systems;

- Participation in the preparation of manuals, procedures and quality plans aimed at obtaining ISO certificates;

- Adaptation of ISO quality system under the requirements of nuclear power plants;

- Analysis, assessment and improvement of technical processes;

- Analysis and equipment qualification for seismic impacts;

- Analysis and equipment qualification for electromagnetic compatibility;

- Analysis and equipment qualification on climatic version;

- Analysis of the projects and objects to the requirements of International ecological norms;

- Analysis at verification and validation of equipment;

- Patent researches as on territory of Russian Federation and International;

- Preparation of quality plans;

- Auditors studying and quality specialists.

We realize our responsibility and take all necessary steps to integration our work in all management procedures in companies through the standards system and regulatory documents in order to achieve by Customer qualitative and cost-efficiency results provided by our specialists services.