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We are performing projects in integrated development, producing and supplying equipment for following systems:

- Radiation control;

- Fire control;

- Air condition and ventilation;

- Alerts;

- Operational communications;

- Preparation of samples and measuring of gas concentration;

- Humidity measurement;

- Automatic monitoring of parameters of water chemistry;

- Instrumentation equipment automation of Instruments and Controls and its integration into the other systems;

- Electro-technical equipment of the networks and power systems, including circuit breakers, transformers, disconnectors, generators and etc.

- Electromechanical and electromagnetic drives for pump and fittings;

- Distributive and shield electricotechnical devices of power supply, including measuring and control devices and apparatus;

- Doors and special sealed gates, protective, gateway;

- Elements of pipeline;

- Valves and its constituent parts;

- Lifting capacity, transport and technological;

- Storage;

- Pumps, pumping units and their constituent parts;

- Capacitive process equipment and pressure vessels.

All projects are carried out in accordance with the requirements of current, current regulatory documentation; calendar plan approved by the Customer.