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Group of companies “NUCLENOVA” – are supplier of effective technological decisions for objects in traditional and non-traditional energetics, aviation and space industry, gas-oil-chemical industry, automative industry, railway industry, metallurgical and mining industry, medical industry, shipbuilding industry, instrument-making enterprises.

Group of companies “NUCLENOVA” combines designing and engineering, research and production organizations on the territory of Russia, middle abroad and abroad.

Today Group of companies “NUCLENOVA” is:


- it is TOP decisions:
  • In interior design;
  • In producing of partition;
  • In producing of wall panel;
  • In repair of office spaces;
  • In repair of commercial premises;
  • In electrical work.


– it is TOP decisions:
  • In landscape design;
  • In landscaping playground;
  • In landscaping of parks;
  • In landscaping of sports ground;
  • In landscaping of house territory;
  • In supply of geothermal System;
  • In supply of photovoltaic system;
  • In supply of Autonomous Solar power stations;
  • In supply of self-contained street lightning;

Nuclenovatrade Company

– that is:
  • Technological innovational decisions of domestic scientists;
  • Transfer service of advanced foreign technologies;
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of investments;
  • Marketing researches;
  • Integrated solutions of equipment supplying.



– it is TOP decisions:
  • In building architecture;
  • In industrial design;
  • In office interior design;
  • In commercial premises design;
  • In landscape design;
  • In WEB design;
  • In business plan development.